October 21-23, 2022

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D&D Chaos, Part 3

10/21/22 - 2:00 PM PT | TWITCH.TV/ROLL20APP

The greatest minds of the multiverse are back when Aabria Iyengar runs Mica Burton, Brennan Lee Mulligan, Becca Scott, and special guest Travis McElroy through Kelsey Dionne's THE SECRETS OF SKYHORN LIGHTHOUSE, courtesy of DMsGuild.


Kingmaker Preview

10/22/22 - 2:00 PM PT | TWITCH.TV/ROLL20APP

Be first to get your eyes on the much-anticipated KINGMAKER release from Paizo. Join GM James Rodehaver on Saturday for the debut of the Roll20 conversion with a one shot featuring Diana Restrepo, Lemar Harris, Kirby Winslow, and James Chew.


Bookshops of Arkham

10/23/22 - 2:00 PM PT | TWITCH.TV/ROLL20APP

Four strangers are drawn into a Call of Cthulhu supernatural investigation in this immersive exploration of cosmic horror. Join Mark Meer as the Keeper of Arcane Lore as he guides Saige Ryan, Carlos Luna, Lucia Versprille, and Patrick Logan in the Bookshops of Arkham.

Roll20 PANEL

All Things Horror

10/22/22 - 12:00 PM PT | twitch.tv/roll20app

We're talking all things horror in TTRPGs including safety, tropes, and immersion! Roll20 CM Danny Quach moderates a panel of experts including Salty Sweet Games' Kienna Shaw and Lauren Erwin, narrative designer/Transplanar GM Connie Chang, and cosplayer/TTRPG performer Jade Valkyrie.

Roll20 PANEL

Learning RPGs with Pro GMs

10/23/22 - 12:00 PM PT | twitch.tv/roll20app

Join moderator TK Johnson as they pick the brains of GMs Dillin, Noir Enigma, Friday, and Devon Chulick, co-founder of StartPlaying.Games!

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Casino Wizard

10/17/2022 - 12:00PM PT | Twitch.tv/kazthedm

Built for adventurers who believe they have luck on their side, Aisato Casino is about to unveil the long awaited Casino Dungeon! Full of rooms that shift and raise the stakes, our party members are ready to place their bets, prepared for any risk or reward that comes their way in this D&D 5e Homebrew!



10/18/2011 – 3:00PM PT | twitch.tv/halfdragonap

Join Kobold Press for a new D&D campaign by Erik Frankhouse, using the treacherous Book of Ebon Tides. This group of Shadow Wardens navigate the Realm of Shadows searching for the missing King and his crown. The cast includes Athena Palmer, Little Red Dot, Matt Palmer, and Noir Enigma.

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Stairway to Annihilation

10/18/2022 - 4:30PM PT | Twitch.tv/BalladoftheSevenDice

Stairway to Annihilation is a Monster of the Week one shot. Stairways have been showing up in national parks across the world for longer than anyone can remember. No one knows where they come from or why they are here. Fear keeps everyone but our fool hardy monster hunters away.

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Have A Heart

10/19/2022 - 12:00PM PT | Twitch.tv/Maori_Nerd

The World of Everden is under attack. A discordant fire from the sky disrupts the Great Rhythm, leaving towns and villages lifeless. The greatest minds from Alderheart have invited our heroes to seek out the Heart of Hadoz, mentioned only in myth. Fortunately, our furred and feathered heroes have a lead in this Level 12 Humblewood homebrew adventure!

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Ghosts of Illgard Swamp

10/20/2022 - 5:00 PM PT | Twitch.tv/That6foot1girl

Deep in Illgard Swamp, villagers claim something unnatural is happening at a large manor on the edge of town. A suspicious owner whose wife died years ago is attempting something dark and terrible, and it's up to the party to stop him in this D&D 5e one-shot.

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Suspect Intentions

10/21/2022 - 5:00 PM PT | Twitch.tv/TheLadyMea

Lady Susan, PI is on the case - or rather, she's ready to be the nosy socialite she is while solving a family's murder mystery (good intentions or not) in this Lore Everlasting telling of a Good Society tale.

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Shadow and Silence

10/22/2022 - 5:00 PM PT | Twitch.tv/RolEnCasa

A whole town has been missing, and the only thing that remains left is a circle, like a dark mirror. The heroes investigate this reality rift and discover the truth behind this unnatural phenomena. Join this adventure of exploring, investigating and, of course, surviving in this KULT: Divinity Lost one-shot. In Spanish/Español.

Roll20 Ambassador Showcase

Halloween Special

10/23/2022 - 3:30 PM PT | Twitch.tv/GoblinCaveTV

Goblin Cave TV transforms its weekly City of Mist show into a Halloween Special just for Roll20Con. Our regular heroes, once powered by Myths and Legends of old, will now take on aspects of classic monsters as they investigate this special Halloween case.

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Gaming For A Good Cause

Roll20Con is a time to celebrate games and uplift the larger gaming community. This year, we're happy to be partnering with RollVsEvil.

About RollVsEvil

RollVsEvil's first campaign is in support of people suffering from the invasion of Ukraine, with donations going directly to charities on the ground where we can see verifiable immediate results and know that we are changing lives.

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Roll20 is donating the proceeds from the sales of the shirt shown to the right, featuring art by illustrator Heather Vaughn (Kids On Bikes, Unmatched: Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

Shop the Roll20 Marketplace 10/22

On Saturday, October 22, during Roll20Con, Roll20 is donating 25% of all Marketplace sales to RollVsEvil. Stock up on your favorite games, art packs, map sets, and more; all for a good cause.

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